Typical assignment: A young family with land outside the big city, with a limited budget and a large mortgage, therefore their choice to build a house must really be worth it. The clients came with a fairly clear idea about the size and shape of the house, which was supported […]

House in Bítouchov

My clients referred their parents for their house on the outskirts of the city, which was well-worn after fifty years of use. A complete reconstruction of the house aimed to create two units with current standard of living. It primarily meant to bring down the roof and renovate the structurally […]

House in Říčany u Prahy

In the small village of Žarošice on the edge of the Ždánický les on Southern Moravia, there is a second phase of development in Újezdky under way. This is to attract young families to the village and stop the outflow of people to cities, which is going well. The client […]

House in Žarošice