My name is Jan Pivec. I am a civil engineer. I grew up on a building site and apparently, I was born to design and build houses. I studied at Brno University, as well as in Switzerland, Denmark, and have built houses in Australia. I gained experience and knowledge of how things are done elsewhere, because I believe that in this country we all do a good job, but it is wise to occasionally learn things abroad. As an architect I have designed both domestic and commercial buildings, and as a site manager I controlled the construction of two dozen passive houses. When working in an architectural studio, I have learned how to perceive, use and apply architecture. It is not only my job but also my hobby and passion. I design and build houses. Houses for people.

Pivec Projekce s.r.o.
Slevačská 49
615 00 Brno
IČ: 062 73 734
Czech Republic
Office Brno:
Joint Studio Borák Architekti a Pivec Projekce
Palackého třída 1643/10
entrance from Hostinského street
612 00 Brno-Královo Pole
Czech Republic
phone: 603 23 18 33