House in Říčany u Prahy

My clients referred their parents for their house on the outskirts of the city, which was well-worn after fifty years of use.

A complete reconstruction of the house aimed to create two units with current standard of living.

It primarily meant to bring down the roof and renovate the structurally disturbed walls. On the new reinforced concrete wreath, a new attic was added.

In the architectural study phase the project went through many variations, the most modern and daring challenges were overcome through various techniques. The new layout, external and internal division is thus the result of intensive communication with the clients and implementation of their own strong ideas about housing.

The plain colours, use of galvanized sheets for both plumbing components (as well as for roofing and fencing), brings a sense of unusual elegance and uniqueness into a street full of colourful facades.

Project: 2016

Implementation: 2017

Cost: 1,550 thousand CZK without VAT