House in Žarošice

In the small village of Žarošice on the edge of the Ždánický les on Southern Moravia, there is a second phase of development in Újezdky under way. This is to attract young families to the village and stop the outflow of people to cities, which is going well.

The client has bought the site with a clear idea about building a single-storey house without stairs. It would be a sin to  devalue such a large plot with a two-storey house. Municipal regulations requested roofs with a slope of 35-45°, but such steep slope was not very favourable for ground-level bungalow. The single-storey house with an L-shaped layout is divided between the street and the courtyard wing. There is a built-in garage in the street wing directly accessible from the street. The design of the building tends as close to passive energy standards as possible, and results in compact shape of the building.

The house design follows the traditional proportions of historic single-storey village buildings. The gabled roof is angled 35 degrees and the front façade is interrupted by recessed wall of bedrooms and garage. The roof overhang then forms a natural shield from the high southern sun in summer. The front facade is represented by two pillars on each side of the house and frames the vestibule.

Over the entire layout of the kitchen wing, the roof is inside open to the ridge, creating a beautiful atmospheric elevated space. The house is once again engineered with the greatest simplicity in order to be built by the owner himself.