PIVEC PROJEKCE  is a private architecture and design studio focused on building design, drawing, and supervising construction. We are focused on the sustainability of buildings, their energy efficiency, aesthetics, and harmony with the environment.

Most of our projects are custom energy efficient and passive houses. They may not be suitable for each client, each purpose or each plot. Each project is unique with respect to the character of the house, place, or the wishes and needs of the client.

The design and construction of a house is not like buying a loaf of bread, a holiday, or a car. It is not the classic vendor-customer relationship. Designing the house is a partnership between the client and architect to  envision  the ideas and to design them. Write or call, let us know your ideas about your future living and I’ll tell you what your options are. Write to

What do we offer?

If you didn’t choose from a range of catalogue houses, and are thinking about customising a house especially for you, you will be confronted by the entire project process. What should you expect?

Preliminary design work

We believe that the most important task of all architects and engineers is to work with the client to ensure the best possible design. At this stage, we are ready to begin. Together we will go through the plot of land, and give you a basic idea about the building program and dates. It is necessary to find out information about the land, its suitability and options. We will visit local building authorities and check out any limitations or restrictions imposed on the land or site.

In the case of reconstruction of your property, everything starts with an examination of the present situation, making a drawing of current state, structural, and historical research; either in situ or studying archival documentation.

Architectural and layout study (ADS)

From the initial meeting various options will arise that we will keep discussing. Based on discussion of pros and cons, one of these options will become the finalized solution. The study includes a rough estimation of the investment costs.

Documentation for planning (DUR)

This phase deals with the relationship of your building and its surroundings. Based on the outcome of this documentation, the decision is made about the location of buildings on the land with respect to the broader territorial relations, zoning, and regulatory plans. It is necessary to negotiate with the relevant authorities, and owners or administrators of technical infrastructure.

Building permit documentation (DSP)

This part of the project describes how the house integrates with its surroundings towards its users and nearby neighbours. The Building Authority issues a construction permit considering the observations and opinions of other relevant bodies. In some cases, the building authority can authorize the DUR and DSP, which can be submitted to the Joint building permit.

Documentation of building construction (DPS)

Detailed documentation serves as a basis for the execution (implementation) of the building. The documentation is generic, regardless of the contractor selected in the future. It includes the technical solution of the construction, technical details, specifications of materials, and itemized budget. The itemized budget shall be referred to specific manufacturers and materials. With this documentation, the client gets the best overview of costs during construction.

Single-stage documentation

This documentation is not required by law, but is one of the most frequent types of documentation we deliver. It is based on the documentation for the building permit, which is the building section extended by lists of building elements (windows, doors, locksmiths, or joiners parts) and a set of typical and atypical details of the construction. Based on this documentation, a construction company is able to deliver a precise estimation of a whole project, and also to build the house with help of professional expertise and craft discipline.

Related activities

Architectural supervision (AD)

After the agreement with the client, we can carry out supervision during construction. The quality of each building can be recognized by the attention to detail (and this is doubly true for a passive house). Supervision consists primarily in participation of inspection days at the site, supervision of compliance with project documentation, assessment of proposals by the contractor to make changes, and help with the selection of specific materials and products.

How much does it all cost?

Every project is different and unique. Therefore, each client’s quotation is also unique. There is a difference between the cost of reconstruction and new building project. We do not have a standard pricing structure, so our bid is always based on the outcomes of a personal meeting.

Let’s assume you want to build a new house on a vacant plot of land:

Architectural study
Depending on the type of project,  35-45 thousand CZK

Building permit documentation
Depending on the scope of the project, (e.g. If a design of gas fixture or a water hook-up is included, etc.) 120-160 thousand CZK


Single-stage documentation
from 175 thousand CZK

Documentation for the grant application in the program Nová zelená úsporám (NZÚ)
20 thousand CZK